Show us your chops at TAOM 2023! Competing at TAOM is a thrill, and an honor. Your magic act will be judged, and you will receive valuable written feedback from a panel of experienced judges. And if one or more contestants receives the necessary amount of points awarded by the FISM judges in this year’s TAOM contest, you will qualify to compete in the 2024 North American FISM Championship to be held in Dallas next year! Here is your chance this year to compete in your own back yard for this prestigious event.

You can follow in the footsteps of past TAOM winners such as Ben Jackson, Oscar Munoz, Stuart MacDonald, Jamie Salinas, and many more!



  • Close-up
  • Stage
  • Comedy


(18 years and younger on Sept. 4, 2023)

  • Close-up
  • Stage


To register, or to ask any questions, send an email to Rick Hebert, Contest Chairman,

Indicate whether you are a Senior or Junior competitor, and which categories you would like to enter (you may enter more than one).

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Age and birthday (Junior competitors only)
  • A video of a portion of your act, or a written recommendation from two members of a magic club, preferably a club in Texas. The video can be on-line or sent via flash drive, CD, floppy disk, etc. (just kidding about the floppy disk).

Registrations must be sent prior to August 15, 2023.